I help time precious, quality-driven professionals create stylish sustainable

homes that become your haven, where you can be true to who you are 

healthy homes that are kind to your most precious people and your planet.

Are you feeling overwhelmed juggling your work and life?

Are you pleasing everyone but yourself?

Do you want a special space just to reconnect with you?

You want to make changes to your home that are functional, comfortable,

gorgeous, and supports you, your most precious people, and is kind to the planet,

but don’t know where to start?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, schedule a call now, and we can start

to help you create a beautiful home, be your best self, and live your best life.

 I know you work hard and your time is valuable and I'd love to help you...


"Susan is a dream to work with - smart, efficient and with great insight into what I am trying to achieve. She has helped create an intelligent interface between me as the client, my builders and the architect. I have learned a really important lesson on this build - don't skimp on the professional advice when it comes to interiors - the floor levels, the finishes, the lighting, all the technical drawings for the special features like the polished concrete open plan fireplace, the LED trough for special accent lighting that makes the expensive 'lantern' work at night in the kitchen extension - all of these things make the difference between loving the end result and being forever slightly disappointed that even after spending a small fortune, you still don't get what you really want." Narda S. Project completed 2018/19.

To start creating your best life and a stylish, beautiful home,

schedule your free 30 minute discovery call now:

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