3D visualisation

Step 6 - Presentations

A 3D visual might be expected by clients and are now fairly common. They are time consuming to produce. Our design practise would provide a 3D visual after the mood board finishes have been agreed, before the final image is produced we would run it past our client for approval first. We would also present our visual to a client before it has been completed to tweak any details or placement of furniture that might require changing before the final image is completed, saving time and money. This is a 3D visual with colouring that makes it look like hand sketching. Created by Sketchup Hub

A 3D visual is not normally presented, (if one has been allowed for within the design cost), until after approval of most of the finishes and layout as it would be costly to keep altering them. A lot of designers will use remotely located 3D experts employed to produce them, unless you are working with a bigger practise, then they will produce them in-house for you. There are also varying levels of visual, the one below is a photo realistic image, not a photograph, also by Sketchup Hub it's quite amazing what can be created.

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