Can a bathroom be luxurious and Green?

Updated: 7 days ago

How can we make better choices when we come to redesign our bathrooms that don't cost the earth?

The property we are working on at the moment is in Belgravia, a rather lovely part of London. Part of our project brief is the redesign of 6 bathrooms.

We do a lot of work where our clients live out of the country and therefore good communication is even more important than normal when it comes to the interior design of their home.

Designing and managing projects for overseas clients is one of the areas we tend to specialise in.

One of the bathrooms is large and luxurious; the other bathrooms are smaller and the brief is different (I'll cover these in a different article)

🌿 Still, just because the client wants luxury does not mean we have to compromise on using products that are made with respect for the environment.


🌿 There are companies in the marketplace that have adopted manufacturing processes and use materials that are helping to minimize damaging environmental impacts on our wonderful planet. Unfortunately, it's sometimes difficult to find them.

On the interior redesign of these bathrooms, I have been fortunate enough to have already researched this and have a database of suppliers and manufacturers that tick these boxes for our clients.

Luxury interior design mood board for bathroom
Mood board for luxury bathroom.

* All of our newly interior designed bathrooms have heated floors, this is fairly standard nowadays, the upfront cost is more but there are long-term savings. If you have a tiled floor it's a must-have in the UK climate!

The house is big and is divided into suites for the family members when they are staying there. The owner recently decided he would like his bathroom redesigned seeing as all of the other bathrooms were being completely redesigned too!

His bathroom is much larger than the others but is now dated after having been designed and installed 30 years prior by my builder; who I trust implicitly and always gets the job done beautifully. He has knowledge and experience that spans 40 years, which is invaluable.

This is a 3D render we did recently. It's quite luxurious looking. The marble is not marble, it's large-format porcelain tile which is very popular at the moment, doesn't cost the earth, and is kinder to the environment. Even if your space is small, the large tile can make it look bigger, with fewer grout lines.

Bookmatch porcelain tiles.
Book matched 'marble' tiles, which are actually porcelain, that don't cost the earth!

Luxury sustainable bathrooms
Luxury bathrooms that don't cost the earth!

These tiles are from a company called Porcelain Tiles UK. They specialise in luxury sustainable tiles.

The book match tiles on the rear wall are huge at 1.5m wide x 3m in length, you do need a skilled installer, someone who is used to handling them, surprisingly the tiles being thin at 6-9mm, is extremely strong. Why use real marble?

The floor tiles come in varying sizes. This is a great company with a large selection of tile types and not too expensive either.

🌿 Of course, the best selling point is the tiles are EU Ecolabel and LEED-certified. The tiles are made in Italy where I have also found bathroom sanitaryware manufacturers such as Catalano, see my article. 👇


EU Ecolabel
Look for the Ecolabel and go green!

The EU Ecolabel helps you identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal. Recognised throughout Europe, EU Ecolabel is a voluntary label promoting environmental excellence which can be trusted.

The EU Ecolabel is awarded according to ecological criteria agreed on by experts, industry, consumer organisations and environmental NGOs and verified by independent third parties.

LEED Certification
Globally recognised sustainable certification. Go Green

LEED® certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measure. All certified projects receive a LEED® plaque, which is nationally recognized symbol demonstrating that a building us environmentally responsible, profitable and a healthy place to live and work.

The LEED® program encourages the adoption of sustainable green building and development practices and promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

🌿 There really is no excuse not to use materials that have been created responsibly and ethically. We will see more and more of these products enter the market as it's what homeowners want: To create homes that don't cost the earth.

If you would like more information on designing and creating your dream bathroom, contact me here it will be my pleasure to help you.