An interior designed project in the year of the Pandemic 2020

Last August we started an interior design project for a client in Bloomsbury. We were recommended by a client of ours where we renovated their entrance, lounge, hallway, and dining area, earlier that year.

Because of Pandemic and the resulting lockdown, this client was faced with more time to reflect on his home and how he used it. Many of us had the same experience; spending more time at home with money to spend on improving our living space. In fact, this created a boom in home refurbishments in the UK.

The Bloomsbury client was hesitant about the work he needed on his townhouse; he had a bad experience with the architect on a project 10 years prior to this that ended up in court. So, you can imagine the fear and dread he felt. But, SVM Interiors and the builder I work with came highly recommended.

A good start.

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential to use a builder you can trust to do the work for the success of your design project.

The client was either going to move or renovate. He chose the latter. The house was tired and needed to feel like a home, reflect more of who he was and be full of life!

The project wasn't big but required thought and problem-solving. It included the following:

  • The creation of more storage space involving new joinery

  • A new entrance lobby to store his bike and other items used daily

  • A new colour scheme throughout

  • Repairs to water damaged walls

  • Solving some minor structural and remdial issues.

The client had a very good eye and sense of style. Having travelled extensively he had an amazing collection of art and sculpture from around the world and the UK.

He was very open to the use of UK-designed and made materials such as paint, lighting, carpets, and fabrics.

It's important to produce a Scope Of Works that the builder can price from. This is then submitted to the client and they either agree or not. Deposits are then taken and the work is scheduled to begin.

The first area to tackle was creating a separate entrance in the long and not very wide hallway to store the bike. We exchanged ideas and agreed on a preference for a Crittal style door and partition with reeded glass. The client wanted the style to reflect industrial materials and details.

I found a great company, Rough Living, locally-based that could make the partition all of the storage for shelving and the bracket to hang the bike off the wall. I sent them my drawing, as you see below, that is typical of an elevation we might create here in the design studio.

Bespoke Crittal designed lobby with door, partition and shelving with a bike rack.
Bespoke Industrial style entrance lobby.

This drawing would be produced for pricing purposes and to give the client an idea of style and proportion. We would then go on to create a 3D realistic render, as we did below for this project.

A life-like 3D render for an entrance hall.
Is it real?

Before and after for the entrance hall.

Storage, in general, was a problem, as it is with a lot of central London homes. The client had a lot of wine and nowhere to store it. We designed a cupboard that better utilised the space. We did this for the second and top-floor landings too. Looking at the available space and being creative with it in a simple and practical way always provides solutions to our interior design problems.

Second-floor landing.

Wine storage and entrance hall.

We introduced colour using Farrow & Ball paints. They are made in the UK with good sustainable commitments. Sadly, they have recently been sold to a Dutch company but retained manufacturing here in the UK.

Teals and blues featured predominately in the client's artwork being one of his favorite colours. We decided to be brave and introduce a beautiful teal colour; Inchrya Blue to the three stairwells and some woodwork. This pulled the home together, grounded it and provided continuity.

Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue to woodwork and staircases.
From bland to beautiful!

One of my favourite carpet companies is Roger Oates. They produce fantastic stair runners in many different patterns and colours. As you can see it made a real difference to these staircases. 👏

The client wanted to introduce pattern and texture as he felt this was more of what he was looking for. We used a classic William Morris wallpaper in the main bedroom and an exotic designed Zoffany wall covering in the guest bedroom which provided a powerful aesthetic. Both papers are made in the UK.

Farrow and Ball red, Zoffany wall covering, collections of art in a bedroom.
Stunning reds and artwork

We have since introduced some roman blinds to the lounge which were not photographed, unfortunately. It has transformed the space. It really is about reaching inside to recognize what we truly love, then being brave enough to reflect this in our homes.

If you'd like to see more of this project. Click here and we'll take you to the portfolio page.

Our client is very, very happy with the end result. I could not be happier myself that we have succeeded to deliver beyond expectation for our client, a home that reflects who he is, with the added bonus of increasing the value of the property. 👏🎉

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