Insurance Claims

We like to think of ourselves as the dream interior design and project management team for reinstating high-end interiors after the catastrophe of fire and flood. We provide the highest levels of customer service to high net worth clients that have experienced this type of devastating loss in their home.

Our mission is to offer stress-free insurance claim renovations after a fire or flood, through our expertise in liaison, contract negotiation, project management and design and build. Our aim is to remove the stress of dealing with claims and builders after a disaster, saving all parties, from the insured to the underwriters, brokers and those professionals in between, valuable time and money.

Refurbishment of our homes can be a tricky business at the best of times, keeping information flowing and projects on time and budget requires experience, tenacity, and commitment from all parties involved. When the devastating problems of losing your family home to fire or flood are added into the equation, emotions and tensions can run high. We remove this uncertainty and complicated process for you. Here is the process simplified and explained.

The Process:

  • You find yourself in a position where you have nowhere to live and the home you did have, needs reinstating with love and care.
  • You call your broker about what has happened, he submits your claim and discusses your options.  
  • Your next call is to us; we have first hand experience with the underwriters and loss adjustors, and can accurately advise on the next steps.
  • It is important for you to know the underwriters will pay our design and project management fees.
  • Our contract is normally with you, and we will take care of every aspect of the reinstatement on your behalf. 
  • We will need to put together a budget for reinstating your home, therefore accurate market quotes for every item to be replaced must be obtained and discussed, especially if there is a grey area as to the level of damage and condition and submitted to the underwriters.  
  • The underwriters will generally allow modernisation of an interior space or item, but not betterment. 
  • All other works required relevant to an interior reinstatement and refurbishment will be required: a Scope of Works, Specification of all Product, Technical drawings, all to be agreed with you.
  • The underwriter or representative will normally have a quantity surveyor and builder they might want to recommend through their supply chain, however, this is not always the case or indeed need to be used.
  • Budget is established, contracts put into place and work commences on an agreed timeline.