I help you become your very best through

Beauty, Empowerment, Sustainability & Transformation

Hi, I'm Susan,

I know how easy it is to take on too much, keeping all of those balls up in the air, it can be quite the juggling act. I was a business owner, corporate wife, Mum and Step Mum.  My life became unsustainable on two occasions, the second time, I was determined not to make it a third. I had lost myself and was desperate to get back to the authentic me.

Something needed to change. And it did. 

I created four principles that now form the foundation of everything I do with my business and for me personally. I took the time out for myself and dug deep into some spiritual teachings that got me back on the right track.

I call it being my B.E.S.T self. 

 Beauty, Empowerment, Sustainability & Transformation

I help busy professionals create homes based on these principles. I empower and help you to design beautiful and sustainable homes that are transformed into nurturing personal spaces, where you can truly be you. They are restorative spaces where you can reconnect with who you are, surrounding yourself with the things you love and cherish. 


Incredibly, we spend 90% of our day in our homes and I believe they need to reflect every inch of who we are and how we choose to live.

My design philosophy promises to:

Transform your home into a healthy and heavenly haven

Provide the benefits of a balanced space, giving joy and comfort

Give you a deeper and restorative connection with nature

Provide you with a dedicated ’special’ space where you can be truly ‘you'

Remove any guilt by making the very best possible informed sustainable choices.

Empower you by taking back your true power

Transform your house into a beautiful and stylish home, one you can’t wait to come back to.


Feel you're ready to work with me and be your B.E.S.T Self?

Working with Susan and her company was a very positive and enjoyable experience. Susan's creative ideas and the execution of them was organised and always within the set budget, resulting in a beautiful calm and restful space. Susan dealt with all aspects of the refurb and did more than she was required, dealing with builders, suppliers, deliveries ect. I realise that I would never have achieved this end result without her creation and direction.Thankyou Susan, I love my house and this beautiful space you have created for me,it was a pleasure to work with you. I would recommend SVM interiors without hesitation.

Susan has been an interior designer for 30 years. Working all over the world on high-end residential and commercial projects. Her passions are for our planet and to help busy professionals create beautiful homes forming a deeper connection with themselves and nature. She believes our homes should be a true reflection of who wear are and where we feel our most comfortable. 

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